igCounty App

Please feel free download the new igCounty app to your phone.
 The igCounty app is not just a way of getting your County Card, it is a tool to help you make the most of your Shropshire & Herefordshire Golf affiliation.

Within the App you can;

  • Explore the Affiliated Clubs in Shropshire & Herefordshire
  • Receive Shropshire & Herefordshire Golf news or notifications
  • Enter County events
  • Check the latest County Championship results
  • Check what your course handicap will be

    The County Card is a pass which allows its holder to visit participating golf clubs once each year for a reduced green fee where you can expect to receive up to 50% discount.

    Most Counties run a County Card Scheme for their affiliated members and from 2012 all golf club members affiliated to the Shropshire & Herefordshire Union of Golf Clubs have been entitled to receive a County Card as part of their annual Affiliation fee.

    There is a fantastic number of Golf Clubs taking part in the scheme both in Shropshire & Herefordshire and Nationally, with currently over 1,400 courses available to play using your Card (this will be issued by the golf club)

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