At just over 5,000 yards in length the course may be considered short by modern standards; but complacency is not recommended!

Considered by many to be the hardest starting hole in the county, the first has a steep bank in front of the green and out of bounds to the right. The second and seventh both play to uphill flags, with the fifteenth steeply downhill. The thirteenth and fourteenth are both superb driving holes. Some holes can be driven, such as the sixteenth, but beware – go off line and you are out of bounds.

Many greens are raised or built into the side of a hill, requiring accuracy of length and direction. The borrows are subtle and can be misleading. Take the twelfth for example, where it is difficult to judge whether the green slopes away or towards the hill.

The turf you will find delightful to play from with a distictively ‘links’ type feel. The wind can be a factor on breezy days, challenging the golfers skill and imagination. During the summer months, ferns narrow the fairways waiting to consume errant tee shots, particularly on the intimidating ninth. With excellent drainage the course plays superbly throughout the year. Because each hole is unique the course always retains your interest, so no matter how many times you play, you will never tire of its character.

And if your golf is going badly, don’t worry – you can always admire the views!